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Vaginal steams are one of the finest and oldest women's traditions, also known as Yoni Steams, Chai Yok in Korea, and Bajos amongst the Mayans and Spanish. Women have used Yoni Steams to regulate their menstrual cycle, to relieve stress and depression, to improve their intimate relationships, to correct incontinence, and to correct reproductive disorders such as tipped uterus, ovarian cysts, prolapse, and even cervical cancer. Yoni Steams are very popular among women who practice with Yoni Eggs because they synergize to bring faster results and more complete healing than either steaming or the egg practice can achieve alone. Steaming benefits all women regardless of age or health, and is an absolutely luxurious spa treatment that every woman deserves to experience.

Why Steam?

Yoni steams are a womb's best friend. The right herbs administered through vaginal steaming can improve nearly any reproductive disorder and make the menstrual cycle regular and healthy. They cleanse out toxins and old thickened uterine lining which reduces cramps by easing the work of the cervix. Vaginal steaming purges anxiety, old emotions, and trauma that has become stagnant and trapped within the Root Chakra. It regulates the menstrual cycle and synchronizes it with the Moon, correcting many conditions both physical and emotional. It tightens, firms, and strengthens the vaginal walls, uterus, ovaries, and other reproductive organs, and realigns them into the correct positions. This toning treats severe menstrual cramps, tipped uterus, hemmorhoids, bladder and uterine prolapse, incontinence, Endometriosis, and PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). None of those conditions, not even menstrual cramps, are "normal" and are easily corrected by directly treating your vagina and reproductive system with the right herbs through warm soothing steam.

Moon Cycle Chart by Rochelle Love

What is a Healthy Menstrual Cycle?

What is considered a healthy menstrual cycle in the 21st century is completely different than what was expected just a few hundred years ago. Menstruation should come consistently each month at the New Moon, about every 28 days. It should last between 1-3 days, no longer. The blood flow should be relatively consistent, not heavy, but not too light or spotty. There should be no clots (indicative of a buildup) or thick blood, and there should only be a little brown present at the beginning or end of bleeding, if any at all. There should be no pain, fatigue, absent-mindedness, moodiness, cramps, backaches, excessive food cravings, or any other negative symptoms of the menstrual cycle. This was the experience of women in Ancient China who lived naturally and were deeply connected with the moon. On the New Moon, nearly all the women in the village bled at the same time and shared a Red Tent Gathering in honor of their gift of motherhood and to receive the intuitive messages that came to them during bleeding.

How Does Steaming Work?

Yoni steams are performed by blending various medicinal herbs according to the needs of the individual. The herbs are infused into water and heated to form a hot steam. Then, the woman sits over the medicinal herb steam on a stool or chair wrapped up in blankets for about 30 minutes. The steam penetrates the highly absorbent sensitive skin in the genitals and anus and the herbs are taken directly through the skin into the organs and bloodstream. Vaginal steams are a very effective means of delivering any herbal medicine to the body, for any purpose.

Various herbs are used in vaginal steams to nourish and heal the body, such as Rosemary & Yarrow for realigning the uterus, Sage for clearing negative emotions, and Dong Quai to balance hormones. Fine quality organic herbs are very potent and should be handled with care like the serious medicine they are. Herbs have real effects on the body, which is wonderful, but requires care and attention. The herbs used in vaginal steams will alter the chemistry of the body and will especially alter a woman's menstrual cycle. Steaming herbs should be specific to your bodily needs. The herbal blends you use each month should be a response to the experience you had during menstruation the previous month.

What To Expect

After a few months of consistent steaming, you can expect many positive changes in your vagina and menstruation. Many women say they feel much happier, calmer, more peaceful, and relaxed after steaming. They find it easier to be kind toward others and feel like it takes more stress than usual for them to feel overwhelmed. They can feel the steams removing sadness, anger, resentment, and stress as well as improving their reproductive system.

You may purge extra blood, and old brown blood the first few months you steam due to deep cleansing removing buildup. Expect that your menstruations may be a little heavier at first when you start steaming. Steaming for the first time can occasionally induce menstruation right afterward. You may also notice your organs toning and shifting into place, felt as tingling or gentle stinging sensations in your abdomen. This is progress! Women with prolapsed bladder or uterus may notice slight sensitivity during urination or intercourse after steams due to the movement from toning. This is a good change, just be gentle until the sensitivity is over. As you steam more regularly, especially if you are steaming weekly, you will notice stronger and stronger results and discomfort will disappear.

As the steaming begins to heal you, expect that your menstruations will change. They may come earlier or later in the month as your body attempts to bleed on the New Moon and ovulate with the Full Moon. You may also notice changes in flow and constency. Expect to change your steaming formula to keep your cycle in balance. It is very common for menstrual flow to become to heavy after the first few months of steaming to induce detox, and certain herbs such as Rosemary and Basil may need to be reduced or omitted from the steaming blend. Those steaming with Raspberry to reduce heavy flow, may after a few months have too light a flow, and may need to make adjusments. For this reason, it is highly recommended to study herbs or consult an herbalist and use custom herbal blends for your steams.

The benefits of vaginal steaming are numerous!

When NOT to Steam

*Do not steam within 7 days before your menstruation.* This strong herbal medicine purges toxins from the womb and also tones it. The herbs synergize with the natural purging, increased size of the uterus, and cervical contractions of your menstruation and purge much too strongly. It can cause a severely heavy menstruation with severe cramping, fatigue, and other symptoms due to the effect of the herbs. If you don't bleed with the New Moon, expect that the time of month your menstruation comes might shift. You may want to steam no later than 10-14 days before your menstruation each month for your first 3 months of steaming or until you are bleeding with the New Moon.

There are advisements against steaming if you wear an IUD. The claim is that the toning effect of Yoni Steam herbs can possibly cause the uterus to reject or dislodge the IUD. Many women say this is a real problem for them, and also many claim they do steams with an IUD and have no issue. Everyone's body is different. There is no right or wrong answer, it's a matter of personal choice.

While pregnant it is not advisable to steam your Yoni. Many of the herbs in most Yoni Steam blends cannot be safely used during pregnancy or while attempting to conceive. If you are pregnant and feel you need to steam, please connect with an herbalist so you can explore options that may be safe for you to use. You should also check with your doula, midwife, or doctor.

When to Steam

For healthy women who experience a regular cycle, bleed with the New Moon, have no cramps, fatigue, or any discomfort: steam 3 times during the month 7-10 days before menstruation 4 times a year (or once every 3 menstruations).

For women with cramps, irregular cycle, fatigue, general discomfort during menstruation, but not severe problems such as PCOS, prolapse, endometriosis, infertility, etc: Steam 3 times during the month until 10 to 14 days before expected menstruation.

For women with severe conditions such as PCOS, prolapse, endometriosis, severe cramping, depression, dissociative identity disorder & etc, emotional trauma from rape or abuse, etc, I prefer to have them connect with me directly about their specific conditions to determine their unique individual needs. In general, these women will likely be put on a routine of 1-4 steams per week except during menstruation.

During menopause, it is beneficial to steam 1-3 times within 2 weeks after the end of your menstruation each month to help your body cleanse completely as your menstrual cycle gradually stops. Steaming also helps prevent and relieve menopausal symptoms. If your cycle has already stopped, steam 1-3 times 2 weeks before the New Moon.

How to Steam

Setting Up

To do a vaginal steam, you need to suspend yourself comfortably above a bowl by some means. Time to get crafty! Things that may work are a slotted stool, the edge of a chair, two boxes side by side with a space in between for the bowl, a milk crate, a toilet seat mounted on a frame or over a non plastic bucket, a camping toilet chair, etc. Some women clean their toilet bowl, drain the water, and set their steaming bowl directly in the toilet bowl. Just make sure no bleach, cleaner, fragrance, or other chemical residues are in the toilet bowl. Beautiful handmade wooden steaming thrones are available online for a premium, or you can make one. Choose a bowl that will hold heat well such as ceramic or thick glass to get a full 30 minute steam, or longer if you wish. Make sure your bowl holds at least 1/2 gallon of water plus herbs without spilling.

Preparing Your Steam

For each steam, use between 1/4 cup and 1 full cup of herbs depending on the potency you need. Start with less herbs and work your way up.

There are various ways to prepare your steam. Any means of infusing the herbs into your water and turning it into a hot steam will work. A quick easy method is to put your herbs in a pot of water, bring them to a boil, then simmer for 20 minutes. You can also place your herbs in water and let them sit for 8 hours in the Sun or overnight in the Moon Light to infuse. After infusing, bring your herbs and water to a boil and let simmer for 20 minutes.

When the herb water is finished heating, remove it from the stove. The water is often a little too hot to use immediately and may need to cool for 5-10 minutes. Pouring the herbs and water from the pot into a ceramic bowl helps cool the steam to just the right temperature. You want your steam as hot as you can stand without burning yourself for about 30 minutes. If you're going to steam over the same pot you used to boil the herb water, make sure you protect your floor from being burned by the hot pot.


Place the bowl of hot prepared herb water under your seat. Check the temperature as you begin to sit down. Make sure that you don't burn yourself, but that the steam is as hot as you can comfortably stand. Make sure the steam is directly flowing into your vagina as much as possible. If treating hemmorhoids, make sure the steam is reaching your anus. When you know you have the right temperature and you're ready to sit down and steam, get naked from the waist down or wear a long skirt with nothing underneath. Sit down, and wrap yourself and your steaming seat in blankets from the waist down to keep the steam and heat contained inside. Keep your whole body warm for the duration of the steam. When possible, work with your body's natural healing processes by keeping warm throughout your steam and going to sleep directly afterward. Wrap up with plenty of warm blankets to keep your body temperature up so you can continue healing and detoxing uninterrupted.

Yoni Steams and this infomation are to be used for religious purposes only. Yoni Steams and this information are not intended to treat or cure any illness, symptom, condition, or disease. Rochelle Love is not a licensed medical professional. The user accepts complete and sole responsibility for the results of their use of Yoni Steams.

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