The Yoni Egg Practice

What Are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni Eggs by Rochelle Love These beautiful little egg shaped gemstones are so alluring! But the real gem is the secret ancient practice they are used for! The Yoni Egg, or "Jade Egg" Practice is an ancient sacred religious practice which was used to heal the body and soul through womb work. One of the primary principles being that womens' wombs are incredibly sacred and powerful. They hold the magnificent power to birth life! Our Yonis are normal, natural, and beautiful, and they require love and maintenance. Yoni Eggs are religious tools for the maintenance of the female reproductive organs and are believed to perform energetic healing on the physical & spiritual bodies. Women are using Yoni Eggs for nearly any physical condition affecting the womb and to develop a healthy attitude toward sex and relationships. They are used in preparation for natural childbirth and to increaseself-awareness, acceptance, and appreciation, for fractal personal growth and feminine empowerment.

"Yoni Egg" is a relatively modern term, named from the sanskrit word Yoni, which means womb and vagina synonymously. This practice has been long termed the "Jade Egg Practice" and is commonly believed to have been developed thousands of years ago in ancient China as a part of the Taoist women's practices. The Taoist practices utilized Jade gemstone eggs solely due to their perfect balance of yin and yang energies. These highly spiritual and scientific practices were believed to bring health, happiness, and vitality to practitioners, and were once a well guarded secret amongst the Chinese royal family. Interestingly, it has come to light that the ancient Kemet civilization in Africa had also developed the egg practice thousands of years ago. They also kept it secret until it was learned from them by ancient Egyptian royalty along with numerous other technologies and spiritual philosophies. Perhaps we will discover that there were other civilizations practicing with eggs as well.

What Do Women Use Them For?

How Do They Work Physically?

The presence of a Yoni Egg in the vagina encourages a healthy flow of blood and hormones to the reproductive system. The vagina lengthens during arousal, and also when you wear a Yoni Egg. Your egg lengthens your vagina while wearing it, gently lifting the cervix, uterus, ovaries, and bladder. The weight of the egg challenges the pelvic muscles, organ tissues, and ligaments to become stronger. Of course, the body's ability to strengthen and repair tissues hinges upon proper nutrition. Specific exercises help to further strengthen and align, and offer greater results. A few weeks of consistent use should begin to encourage the reproductive system into alignment. With permanent regular use, many women experience consistent realignment, even while not wearing an egg. Some women with prolapse and other advanced symptoms should use vaginal steams to prepare for the use of Yoni Eggs.

Yoni Eggs by Rochelle Love

How Do They Work Energetically?

Crystals are comprised of combinations of the various organic minerals found naturally on earth. While wearing crystals within the womb, mineral exchange occurs at a slow rate, which moves healthy minerals from the crystal into our tissues, and toxins from our bodies into the crystal egg. Not only is the womb being nourished with minerals, but we are being immersed with the aura, or energetic frequency, of these minerals as well. Yoni Eggs are used to clear and activate the Sacral Chakra, which is believed to be the seat of our passion and creativity. When the Sacral Chakra is blocked, we become stagnant and unable to create, we feel uninspired, at a loss of direction, and become closed to the outside world. They also clear and activate the Root Chakra, believed to be where negative emotions and trauma are stored. Yoni Eggs are used to clear these blockages, push us to focus on what's important, and help us manifest the things we've been dreaming of into the physical world around us.

Choosing Your Egg

Which Type of Crystal Should I Start With?

In short, I always recommend getting a large undrilled Jade Egg first. There are a lot of really beautiful varieties of Yoni Eggs available! It is fun to collect them, but it's not necessary to complete your work in your Yoni Egg Practice. For ladies on a tight budget, the minimum you really need is a large Jade Egg. If you plan to complete the exercise program, I also recommend a small drilled Black Obsidian (or any other type of crystal) egg. That's it. For greater benefit, I've expanded this to a system of four eggs consisting of Jade, Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz, and Moonstone. I feel these four crystals each have something very profound to offer in this particular spiritual process, especially when used in procession.


The ancient Taoists considered the balance of yin and yang energies to be an ultimate goal in human life, from which health, success, and vitality naturally grew. They believed Jade to be perfectly balanced in yin and yang energies and was therefore the only stone they used in their Jade Egg Practice. My method begins with Nephrite Jade. Jade is very strong and durable, unlikely to chip, wears and changes less with use than many other stones, and should last your entire life. Jade's gentle healing energy is nurturing, heartwarming, and uplifting, preparing us for deep cleansing work later. Jade is also prized as a strong overall healer and dream stone. Working with Jade is said to bring more dreams more often and have more detailed dreams that you can remember more vividly. You may even develop consciousness while dreaming which is especially helpful in exploring the deep hidden aspects of yourself.


Moonstone, especially Peach or Cream Moonstone is an excellent follow up to your first Jade egg, and is also a very suitable alternative to Jade for your first Yoni Egg. Moonstone is believed to balance yin and yang energy like Jade, and specifically work on the reproductive system, to increase fertility, and open up psychic ability. While working with Moonstone many women claim to experience heightened intuition, such as saying out loud what someone else was thinking, knowing things you shouldn't rationally be able to know, extra connectedness and clarity during meditation and clairvoyant sessions, heightened empathy toward others, increased capacity for loving and nurturing yourself and others, and increased feelings of emotional security and peace. Moonstone encourages introspection and helps identify hidden aspects of ourselves, making it an excellent companion during personal transformation. Rainbow Moonstone has a cool but stimulating energy that focuses more heavily on the higher chakras and psychic and mental aspects than Peach Moonstone. Peach Moonstone is more warm, nurturing, creatively inspiring, and rooted in the womb chakras. Cream Moonstone feels very calm, peaceful, and nurturing, and I feel it works primarily on the higher chakras and secondarily with the sacral. I personally most prefer the qualities of Peach Moonstone of the three regarding womb work, but enjoy using all three for their unique qualities.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian brings about some of the deepest work we do in the Yoni Egg Practice. I do not recommend using it as your first Yoni Egg. Black Obsidian is almost perfectly balanced in yin and yang energies and is used as a very deep cleanser to remove toxins, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Many people use it to recognize and release self defeating patterns, self destructive behaviors, and addictions and dependencies. It is highly recommended to anyone with depression, severe anxiety, or who has experienced a traumatic event. Many women who have worked with Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs say it will bring up a lot of negativity while you are working with it. They experience painful repressed memories, anxiety, and often feel extra emotional as they deal with what is uncovered. It may identify parts of yourself that are working against your betterment, so these aspects can be left behind moving forward. Obsidian's beautiful gift to us is to help us remove this pain and anxiety and overcome it forever. Shedding the old is a necessary step in transformation. For those who need a gentler step toward detox, other gentler forms of Obsidian may be appreciated such as Mahogany, Snowflake, Rainbow, Gold or Silver Sheen, Green, and Blue. Nothing is created or destroyed, therefore you must let go of the old paradigm in order to build a magnificent new one.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone, known for pure unconditional love. It is used as a powerful stone for the heart, circulatory system, and the heart chakra. This crystal holds and amplifies intentions very well, making it a great aid for manifestation and change. Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs are used to fill us completely with the most loving, nurturing vibrations and show us how to love ourselves and others unconditionally. We use it to restore trust and harmony in relationships and with ourselves. It is extremely peaceful and calming and brings attention to the beauty all around us. It is an excellent follow up to Black Obsidian. You may also want to work with Rose Quartz simultaneously with your Black Obsidian, if you need love and support during your purge. Black Obsidian may resurface and clear deep hidden pain and the Rose Quartz offers comfort and love to eases the discomfort of the emotional transformation. Rose Quartz is also an excellent choice for your second Yoni Egg.

Working With Other Crystal Eggs

It is fine to explore other crystals while working with your Jade and Obsidian, but spending more time with imbalanced crystals than your balanced ones will prevent you from finding ultimate balance. Splitting your time with unbalanced stones slows your progress. I suggest focusing exclusively on each crystal during each stage and completing it before moving forward. There is no set amount of time for each stage because we all develop differently. It will be up to you to decide when you are ready. Seek guidance if you need it. Once you have finished working with the four main varieties in my practice, other types of Yoni Eggs can be enjoyed to suit all kinds of wonderful purposes. Just remember that you will always need to pay attention to how much time you are spending with balanced crystals. Life naturally ebbs and flows, you will inevitably find yourself starting the process over again multiple times throughout your life, especially after times of stress, loss, or major changes. You may also intuitively crave what you need, such as being interested in Rose Quartz when you need comfort, and Black Obsidian when you need to purge. Cleansing and balancing need continual maintenance. The Yoni Egg Practice is a life long practice, a life style. It is not something you master then move on from.


There is no universal standard for sizing yoni eggs. A particular size, like small, may vary as much as 10mm in length between different sellers. Check for size charts and ask questions when purchasing from new places to make sure you know what size you're buying. What size you need depends both on your reproductive health and what your goals are with Yoni Eggs. Sizes medium and large work for most all women and I always recommend large if it's not a problem. You may need to start with a medium egg if you are petite. Some women like to use large crystals all the time to receive greater crystal healing benefits. Neither of them are really that "large", being comparable to a large chicken egg. Size extra large works well for a lot of women too, but I find that it requires some extra pushing power to remove, which some beginners and any ladies with advanced problems may want to avoid at first. Also, some petite women cannot wear size extra large eggs and have shared that they experienced discomfort when pushing out. Size small can sometimes be more difficult to remove than a medium because it is smaller and lighter in weight. When using drilled eggs, removing smaller eggs isn't an issue because the egg can be retrieved with the string. While beginning the Practice, start with a size large 50mm egg and size down to a size medium 43mm long, then a small 40mm long, as you gradually build strength and agility.

Rochelle Love Yoni Egg Sizes

Extra Small: 30mm long x 20mm wide
Small: 40mm long x 30mm wide to 43mm long x 30mm wide
Medium: 43mm long x 35mm wide to 49mm long x 35mm wide
Large: 50mm long x 35mm wide to 55mm long x 40mm wide
Extra Large: 56mm long x 40mm wide to 60mm long x 40mm wide
Extra Extra Large: 65mm long x 45mm wide +

Mastery Level

Large: Beginner Level 1
Medium: Petite Beginner Level 1 & Level 2
Small: Level 3
Extra Small: Master Level 4
Extra Large: Novelty
Extra Extra Large: Novelty

Drilled Or Undrilled?

Both! Undrilled eggs teach us to truly completely birth the egg without any crutches. It's incredibly empowering to push the egg out yourself or to allow the egg to come out on its own. If you feel hesitant to use an undrilled egg your first time, using a drilled egg is a great way to begin the practice while feeling comfortable and secure. Drilled eggs are useful for women that have advanced weakness in their pelvic region such as prolapse, hemmorhoids, or other health problems which may prevent them from successfully pushing out the egg at first. They are also needed for the Yoni Kung Fu exercise.

Where Should I Get My Eggs?

When shopping for Yoni Eggs, find a seller who exhibits integrity, has good reviews, does not sell eggs you find suspect, and that makes you feel like they genuinely care about YOU. It's really helpful to get your first egg from someone who will help you get started, answer your questions, or who offers a support group. Private consultations and classes can sometimes be costly, but a brilliant teacher getting you off to the right start can make a huge impact in the quality of your practice. Ask other ladies who use Yoni Eggs if they can recommend you to a great teacher.

Safety & Additional Information

Eggs To Avoid

There are a few types of gemstones that you want to avoid wearing internally, and others which are falsely warned against and need not be avoided. Malachite is known to be toxic because of its copper sulfate content and also because many women who have used it have reported abnormalities in discharge and even vaginal infections. Cinnabar contains high levels of mercury and should not even be physically touched. Other things to avoid are eggs that are made of small pieces of ground crystal and glued together, eggs that are dyed, eggs that are coated with a varnish or artificial polish, and egg shaped orgonite because it is not a crystal and is usually made of unnatural resin. When buying eggs, don't be afraid. If you accidentally buy an egg that is dyed or coated, at most you might have some vaginal discomfort or an infection, but it will go away as soon as you stop using the egg. I have heard of ladies using fake eggs or eggs that had a coating, even malachite eggs which are toxic, and I have never heard of any severe problems.

The copper patina that may form on Lapis Lazuli hasn't been reported to cause any issues that I am aware of. The "if it ends in ite" rule is not true, as well as many other fear based rules I have come across. Organic forms of copper are not toxic when in natural form. Much of the research done on copper toxicity focuses on inhalation of copper dust and contamination over time from using copper cookware which heats the copper and alters it from its organic state. This does not apply to yoni eggs such as Amazonite which contain naturally occuring unprocessed organic copper. I have also not heard of any ladies saying Amazonite or other copper containing crystal eggs gave them problems. I have also never heard of problems with crystals containing Aluminum. Aluminum also should not be feared in natural form. Many common foods such as fruit contain small amounts of organic aluminum just like many crystals. Organic forms of minerals and metals react differently in the body than inorganic forms. I recommend researching each crystal type to form your own opinion, as we don't all share the exact same opinions, and only you can know what is right for your body.


Many teachers warn against using yoni eggs during pregnancy, and yet others say it is safe. There may be a good reason for this, but I haven't heard or read anyone explain what the negative effect would be. Apparently lots of women do use yoni eggs during pregnancy with success. Certainly, you would be better physically prepared for a natural birth if you continued to strengthen your reproductive system up until birth time, than you would be if you stopped for 9 months before you planned to use the muscles you were training. If you want to try yoni eggs while you're pregnant and your pregnancy is not high risk and you haven't experienced any complications, I see no harm. If you notice any discomfort or unexpected changes while wearing an egg, remove it right away. I have read advisement that the cervix becomes more sensitive and delicate as it begins to dilate in the last month of pregnancy, so it may be wise to avoid using eggs during this time.


There are warnings against using yoni eggs during menstruation, as our yonis are trying to cleanse and shed at this time and wearing an egg may block natural release of fluids and energy from the yoni. However, many women use yoni eggs during their moontime anyways and claim to have no problems. So, if you want to give it a try, proceed with caution and stop if anything abnormal happens.


It has been warned that a yoni egg could potentially dislodge an IUD and result in pregnancy or other problems with the IUD. It has also been said that some women who wear IUD's also wear yoni eggs and don't have any issues. Each woman must decide for herself what works and doesn't work as our bodies all respond differently.


Yoni eggs can be worn by menopausal and post menopausal women. They help to balance the hormones and treat the reproductive system in general, so they offer a lot of physical support and alleviation from menopausal symptoms. The crystal healing aspect of yoni eggs is especially helpful for emotional healing and support during menopause and post menopause.


Women who have had a hysterectomy and had their cervix removed can also benefit from wearing yoni eggs. Doctors close women up at the back of the vagina after removing the cervix, so yoni eggs can't get lost. In fact, they are extremely beneficial because the toning effect of yoni exercises helps to keep the bladder and other organs in place. This prevents prolapse which is a condition that sometimes follows a hysterectomy due to the bladder no longer being supported by the uterus and cervix.


Can Yoni Eggs be worn during sex? Many couples wear a yoni egg while making love, and say they enjoy it very much on both a physical and emotional level. Some even use yoni eggs to heal their relationship emotionally, revive attraction for each other, and strengthen their dedication to each other. Jade can be used to nurture and heal. Black Obsidian can be used to remove negativity and anxiety and bring up repressed emotions causing stagnation in the relationship. Moonstone nurters, increases receptivity to each others' emotions, and surfaces hidden feelings and influences. Rose quartz encourages unconditional love and reconciliation while opening both hearts and creating mutual trust.

Using The Bathroom

Going to the bathroom is different when you are wearing an egg. Your egg can accidentally fall in the toilet if you completely relax your muscles. With practice you will learn to relax your muscles enough to go to the bathroom without letting the egg out. You can keep your hand ready to catch it in case it falls out if you need to. You can take the egg out before you go to the bathroom if you prefer. Flushing a toilet with an egg in it will probably result in your egg being flushed down.

Eggs Transform Too

With use, many different types of gemstone yoni eggs will change. The softer a crystal is, the more readily it goes through mineral exchange and absorbs into our wombs. The polish of these eggs may dull slightly over time due to the outside polish being absorbed slowly into our yonis. High acidity in the yoni will exasperate this, and sometimes drastic changes in the polish of your egg can be used as an indicator that you need to bring your acidity down. The acidity of your yoni may even eat little chips into a perfectly smooth polished egg. The color of your eggs may change slightly as they come in contact with your energy regularly or absorb fluids from your yoni. Wearing light colored eggs during menstruation will stain them. All of these changes are completely normal and don't make your egg unsafe to use.

Polish & Texture

Ladies have differing views on whether an egg needs to have a perfectly smooth and shiny polish with no pits, chips, cracks, or crevices in the surface. There are tons of ladies who adore the natural texturing and other features that are sometimes in an egg's surface. Others are certain that these features are dangerous. Sometimes these characteristics occur from the acidity in your yoni changing the surface of the egg. You can check eggs with chips or cracks by licking the egg with your tongue to see if it is sharp. Anything too sharp for your tongue is too sharp for your yoni. I have heard that eggs that don't have a perfectly smooth polish can harbor negative bacteria. I don't personally think it is true in practice. When you thoroughly rinse off an egg and completely dry it, there is no chance that bacteria can grow on it. If you put an egg in the sun for a few seconds, the sunlight will kill all harmful bacteria on it. You can also cleanse eggs by soaking them in a glass of sea salt or himalayan salt water. Salt water is cleansing, prohibits negative bacterial growth, works its way into every tiny crack and crevice, and is safe, even beneficial, for your yoni.

Putting It In

Be. We cannot learn what we believe we already know. As you first lay eyes on your egg, let your thoughts blow away in the wind. Become magnetic. Listen. Bloom open like a rose. Spirit will show you. Cleanse the energy and surface of your egg before you wear it. Rinse it under cool water. If you are using a drilled egg, double up a long piece of unwaxed dental floss and loop it through the end of your egg. You can also use fishing line, silk, hemp, or any other string that is non-toxic and strong enough not to break. Make sure you're hydrated and your Yoni is moist before you put your egg in. Breast massage as a warmup completely prepares your Yoni for your egg. You can use organic coconut oil or another natural lubricant if you need it. Always with the thick end first, gently insert your egg into your Yoni. When it's completely in, you should feel the egg slowly rise all the way to the back where it will rest against your cervix. Depending on the strength of your pelvic muscles, you may need to squeeze your muscles to pull the egg all the way to the back. Some of us need to use our muscles the entire time we wear an egg to keep it from coming out, while for some of us it just stays in. If your egg wants to come out right away and it seems like you can't get it to stay in, try wearing it at night while you're laying down sleeping and you'll soon be strong enough to keep it in.

Wearing Your Yoni Egg

The way you wear your egg will depend on your goals with Yoni Eggs and the strength of your womb. You may need to hold it in or may be able to relax. Just wearing your egg and relaxing will bring you results because your muscles will be worked by the weight of the egg alone. The egg causes your vagina to lengthen, pushing the cervix and uterus back up into the appropriate position. Holding the weight of the egg up in this position strengthens all the muscles of the vagina and pelvic cavity. Exercises tone your womb much more effectively than simply relaxing, they also build sensitivity and awareness that allows advanced manipulation of the Yoni muscles. Squeezing your egg periodically throughout the day is a simple and convenient exercise you can do anywhere anytime. The Taoist Jade Egg exercises teach us to independently sense and use all of the muscles in our Yonis and also to collect and circulate universal energy within ourselves. When mastered, we are able to wear multiple Yoni Eggs at once, moving each one independently with our Yoni muscles. For the best results from your exercises, start with the largest size egg you are comfortable with first and size down as you build strength and sensitivity. As with any other physical or mental exercise, optimal benefit is achieved through consistent practice with appropriate time for recovery, such as exercising every other day. Find balance. The length of time an egg can be worn varies depending on the health of each woman. Most ladies can wear an egg up to 12 hours a day 5-7 days a week without a problem. I've heard of ladies wearing an egg for up to 2 months at a time without removing it, even through a Moon Cycle, and have had no problem. I usually remove my egg when I feel the crystal has absorbed enough of my imbalanced energy that it feels like me instead of the way it felt when it was freshly cleansed. Often this is indicated to me through the sudden thought, "I wonder if my egg needs to be cleansed?" or "I wonder if I should take it out now?" Nothing is random, this is intuition telling us it is time.

Birthing Your Yoni Egg

Pushing our egg out mimicks natural childbirth, strengthening us physically and also ceremoniously honoring our personal transformation. Many women can push out eggs with great ease, while others will be challenged. Thousands of women across the world, for thousands of years, have worn Yoni Eggs and successfully birthed them. To birth your egg, the most important thing to do is relax. A lot of women have shared that they were afraid the first time they birthed an egg. Never worry. Tense muscles will hold the egg in rather than allowing it to work its way down the birth canal. This is also true during childbirth. Many of us find it easiest and most comfortable to start by sitting on the toilet. If you are using the egg practice to prepare for natural childbirth, I recommend practicing egg removal in the birthing positions you intend to use. It is also good to be hydrated, especially if pushing out the egg is challenging for you. If you are dry, your tissues will resist the egg as you try to move it downward, if you are properly moistened, the egg should move with ease. If you feel dry, drink a glass of water. As you relax your muscles completely, within a minute or two your egg should drop down to the entrance of your Yoni. If not, you may need to give a gentle push to get it there. You may wish to use your finger to check how far the egg has descended. I recommend relaxing the egg down as low as possible before you push to avoid straining or tiring yourself. Once the egg is at the entrance, you can push it out the rest of the way. Don't strain your muscles or your mind. Relax, be well hydrated, and take your time. You are birthing your egg. You are opening a new door. Be sure to slow down and enjoy this transformative moment if you are using your very first egg for the very first time. Be sure to slow down every time. Every time is the first time. Don't worry about an egg getting stuck, this is impossible. Your cervix prevents an egg from getting past it. Even women who have had full hysterectomies and have no cervix cannot get a Yoni Egg stuck. Proper relaxation and hydration alone should bring the egg all the way to the entrance of your Yoni. If you feel you can't push it out, you should be able to get it out with your fingers. Pushing the egg out will become easy and familiar quickly.

Purifying Your Yoni Egg

All life is governed by the ebb and flow, crystals included. Crystals need both regular cleansing and charging. Every time you remove your egg rinse it with water to remove any residue and bacteria. Bad bacteria need moist conditions, so dry it completely. Generally, crystals should be cleared after they've been worn a few hours. If you are purging a lot of toxins or emotions, like when working with Black Obsidian, you need to clear every time you wear it. Most crystals release negative ions which neutralize pollutants and negative energy and are very healing. They absorb toxins and positive ions from our bodies and environment, which need clearing regularly to refresh the crystal's energy. If you can feel the egg getting filled with your own vibration, or its vibration feeling weak, "murky", or different, it is time to clear. Regular contact with crystals increases sensitivity to energy and will lead you to simply "know" when your eggs do and don't need cleansing.
Remember not to clear crystals which you have programmed or have stored events you don't want cleared.
There are many ways that you can charge and cleanse your eggs. All of these methods apply to crystals in general, not just Yoni Eggs.

Clearing Charging

Programming Your Egg

Crystals are believed to hold, amplify, and emit stored energy. Programming a crystal means to intentionally establish a specific vibration within it, which it will then emit itself. You can program your egg with a purpose, a color or emotion, to record the energy of events like a wedding or birth, or to hold any vibration you can imagine. Crystal Yoni Eggs can be programmed as an aid throughout your practice and spiritual transformation. Crystals are living beings on a different vibrational level than us. Think of your Yoni Egg as a person and build a relationship with it. Ask it to help you with the task you wish to dedicate it to, and also to always work for the highest good of all.

To program your egg, find a peaceful private space. Get relaxed and focused. Clear your egg. Hold your egg in your palm and focus your energy within it. Think about and feel your intentions for your egg and imagine moving that energy into your egg.

Once you have programmed your egg or have an event stored within it, make sure you do not ever clear it! It is safe to charge programmed crystals, but clearing crystals removes the information they have stored. Your programmed egg is precious and needs proper storage to keep its vibration safe from being cleared or influenced by new vibrations. After wearing it, do a basic surface cleaning. Store it in red cloth or another red material (because red waves are most difficult for other waves to penetrate) to protect it from other vibrations and keep it in a safe place where it won't be disturbed. If you want to clear your egg each time you wear it, but still want to program it with a purpose, reprogram it after each clearing.

Yoni Egg Excercises

Start with the Warm Up, Rainbow Bridge, and Cool down. I've labeled each exercise with a numeric level to help guide you through your exercises as you progress. As you feel ready to go to the next level, add the appropriate exercises to the routine you are already doing, until you are doing the Warm Up, all exercises, and the Cool Down in one session. Once you have mastered all levels, continue practicing until you can rotate two different eggs in different directions at once while clacking them together. Continue doing your exercises once or twice every week to maintain your strength and other benefits.

Warm Up

Level 1+

Your Yoni needs to be in the right state for the exercises, so you should start by warming up. You are going to be moving your egg around, so you need your Yoni to be warm and well lubricated. The breasts are directly energetically connected to your Yoni, so the traditional breast massage warmup is really effective. It's also a very healthy practice for your breasts and your hormones. You can massage with or without an oil, whatever you prefer. It can be very enjoyable to use a beautifully fragranced oil, or a special blend for hormone balance or breast growth.

1) Gently cup your breasts. Feel your breasts fill with warm loving energy.
2) Apply coconut or a healing oil blend if you like. Massage starting from your nipples outward in counterclockwise spirals and circles to the outside edges of your breasts. You can massage one breast at a time or both at once. I prefer the energetic flow of massaging both simultaneously. Circle your breasts completely 20-30 times.
- 3) Reverse direction, and massage your breasts in 20-30 clockwise circles and spirals.
4)Put your egg into your Yoni with the thick end first, following any affirmations, meditations, or blessings you wish.

Exercise 1: The Rainbow Bridge

Level 1+

This exercise strengthens the pelvic floor and Yoni muscles, develops awareness in the Yoni muscles, and strengthens the PC muscle.

Your PC muscle is a muscle that runs from the pubic bone to the tailbone and supports the bladder and bowel. It is the muscle that closes around your egg after you put it in. It can be activated by squeezing around the outside of your Yoni, or the vulva.

1) Lay on your back in a sit up position with your knees bent and your feet on the floor.
2) Leaving your shoulders on the floor, inhale a deep breath and lift your pelvis high into the air, similarly to a bridge pose in yoga, and hold for 3 seconds as you gently squeeze your PC muscle.
3) Exhale as you slowly lower back to the floor. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise 2: The Tip Toe

Level 2+

Before beginning this exercise, wear your Yoni Egg regularly to increase tone and sensitivity, and master Level 1 exercises. This exercise strengthens the yoni muscles, creates clear differentiation between the left and right sides of the Yoni, and teaches you to isolate and contract specific muscle groups.

1) Lay flat on your back with your legs straight and your arms at your sides.
2) Inhale a deep breath and flex your left foot by lifting your toes up so your foot is straight as if you were standing up, and by stretching your heel downward gently. At the same time, with your right foot, stretch your toes down into a point as if you were standing on the tip of your big toe. Gently squeeze the muscles on the right side of your yoni and hold for 3 seconds. Exhale and relax.
3) Switch legs. Inhale a deep breath and flex your right foot while you point your left foot, and gently squeeze the muscles on the left side of your yoni, and hold for 3 seconds. Then relax. Do each side 10 times.

Exercise 3: The Stairway to Heaven

Level 2+

Before starting this exercise, you should overcome abnormal sensitivity and develop basic strength in your Yoni with consistent wearing and Level 1 exercises. This exercise develops the ability to move your egg up and down your Yoni while strengthening your pelvic and Yoni muscles and developing awareness in the Yoni muscles.

1) Assume the mountain yoga pose. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, standing on the front of your feet with your heels slightly off the ground, only balancing on your heels as a crutch until you don't need to anymore. Slightly bend at your knees and ankles to remove pressure off your joints and onto your muscles, also bend slightly at the waist. Keep your spine straight through your back and neck and keep your shoulders straight at your sides, which often feels like "back" if you slouch often.
2) Identify your 3 sections of yoni muscles:
a) The muscles around the vaginal opening and front of the vaginal canal
b) The muscles in front of the cervix
c) The muscles in the middle of the vaginal canal
3) Inhale a deep breath and comfortably hold as you locate and contract the first group of muscles, the ones at the exterior of your yoni, around the vulva, by lightly squeezing them. Be present as you contract them, get familiar with them, where they are, and how they feel. Move your consciousness into that place and observe it. Exhale and rest a moment as chi energy begins to build in your womb.
4) Inhale again, squeezing the first set of muscles, and identify and gently squeeze the second group of muscles at the same time, the ones at the very back of your yoni directly in front of your cervix. Move your consciousness to this part of your womb. Exhale, resting as you feel more chi building.
5) Inhale another breath and find the third group of muscles in the middle of your yoni and gently squeeze them, moving your consciousness there, exhaling and resting afterward.
6) Do 1-6 repetitions every other day depending on how challenging it is for you, until you can squeeze firmly enough to start moving the egg up and down with the third group of muscles. Practice moving the egg up and down slowly a few times until it is easy to move it quickly.
7) Once it is easy to move 1 egg up and down, add a second egg and gently clack them together once per breath for 10 breaths.

Exercise 4: Yoni Kung Fu

Level 3 +

Once you have mastered The Stairway to Heaven exercise, you are ready to begin the vaginal kung fu exercise. This exercise maximizes the strength of your pelvic muscles, vaginal muscles, cervix, ovaries, glands, and urogenital diaphragm. Start with a size small drilled Yoni Egg. Level 4 can try size extra small.

1) Stand in the yoga mountain pose with your feet shoulder width apart, standing on the front of your feet with your heels slightly off the ground, only balancing on your heels if necessary. Slightly bend at your knees and ankles to make sure all pressure is on your muscles and not your joints. Keep your spine straight through your back and neck and keep your shoulders straight at your sides.
2) Attach the appropriate amount of weight to the string of a small drilled yoni egg, then insert the egg into your Yoni.
3) Inhale a deep breath as you gently contract your Yoni muscles, pulling the egg up your vaginal canal all the way to the back of the cervix. Hold for 3 seconds, then exhale and relax. Start with 3 repetitions and work up to 10 as you gain strength.

Exercise 5: The Sacral Circle

Level 3+

Before you begin this exercise, tone and increase sensitivity in your Yoni through regular wearing and mastering level 1 exercises. Also develop differentiation between left and right vaginal muscles, and ability to operate them separately by mastering Level 2 exercises. This exercise increases sensitivity and awareness in the Yoni muscles preparaing your for spinning your egg in circles next.

Your sacrum is a bone along your spine toward the bottom of your lower back. Your tailbone is connected to the sacrum directly below it. Imagine a circle in your womb, with your sacrum at the top of the circle at the 12 o'clock position on a clock. Imagine your tailbone at the bottom of the circle, at the 6 o'clock position on a clock. Your left hip is at the left side of the circle, or the 9 o'clock position. Your right hip is at the right side of the circle in the 3 o'clock position.

1) Lay down on your back in a sit up position with your knees bent and your feet on the ground.
2) In one slow fluid motion, gently press down your left hip, rolling it to the left, or 9 o'clock position.
3) Roll from your left hip downward following the imaginary circle counter-clockwise until your back is pressed down at your tailbone, the 6'oclock position.
4) Continue from your tailbone, rolling up the right side of the circle to the 3 o'clock position until your right hip is pressed to the floor and your right hip is tilted to the right.
5) Follow up the right side of the circle until you're gently pressing on your sacrum at the 12 o'clock position, completing the imaginary circle.
6) Repeat this circle a total of 10 times in this counter-clockwise direction, then reverse directions and do 10 circles in a clockwise direction.

Exercise 6: The Revolution

Level 4

You will have needed to master Levels 1-3 in order to spin your Yoni Egg in a 360 degree circle with your Yoni. This exercise is your introduction to Level 4. After you have mastered this exercise, move onto Exercise 7 to complete this course and become a master.

1) Stand in mountain pose.
2) Inhale, drawing on your experiences with The Sacral Circle exercise, and firmly but gently isolate and squeeze your yoni muscles, starting on the left side, then rolling around to the front, then to the right side, rolling around to the back, and returning to the left. Exhale and relax.
3) Start with 3 counterclockwise repetitions, then do 3 in clockwise motion. As you build strength work your way up to 10 repetitions in each direction.
4) Once you are successful with one egg, add a second egg, and practice spinning the eggs in opposite directions. Start by inhaling and contracting the upper left muscles at the same time as the lower right, then the upper front and lower back, then the upper right and lower left, then upper back and lower front, returning to the upper left and lower right. Then reverse directions. Do 3-10 repetitions in each direction.

Exercise 7: Master Yoni

Level 4

You will need to master exercises for Levels 1-3 and exercise 6 Level 4 before you are able to completely master the exercise course. You will need 2 eggs for this exercise. Complete mastery means being able to wear at least 2 Yoni Eggs simultaneously, and having the ability to move them up and down and clack them together while spinning each of them in opposite directions at the same time. When you have successfully completed this exercise for the first time, Congratulations, Master! Continue regular practice to maintain your mastery.

1) Stand in mountain pose.
2) All in one breath, inhale and rotate both eggs in a complete 360 degree revolution in opposite directions, clacking them together at the end of the revolution, exhaling, and relaxing.
3) Practice 3-10 repetitions, gaining speed as you progress.
Microcosmic Orbit

Cool Down

All Levels

At the end of your exercises, whatever level you are on, once you have built energy within your womb, you can utilize it positively within your body. Be conscious in your uterus and ovaries and feel the warm tingling chi energy spiraling there. Gently squeeze your perineum to keep the energy trapped within your body. Next we will move the energy according to the practice called the Microcosmic Orbit, as shown on the next page. As you begin to inhale, using your consciousness, move the energy along the Du Meridian from your womb into your perineum, then from your perineum up your spine, over your head through the Crown Chakra, then Third Eye, continuing to the roof of your mouth and upper lip (upper palate). Then exhale, as you move the energy down the Ren Meridian through the Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakras, through your womb, and back to your perineum. Circulate the energy 10 times, letting it finally rest in your Solar Plexus Chakra about 3 inches above your bellybutton. Rest peacefully for a few minutes as the energy collects and works its magic.

Yoni Eggs and this infomation are to be used for religious purposes only. Yoni Eggs and this information are not intended to treat or cure any illness, symptom, condition, or disease. Rochelle Love is not a licensed medical professional. The user accepts complete and sole responsibility for the results of their use of Yoni Eggs.

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